New string players needed for 2020 and beyond!
Following the death of one of our players, and a number of moves away from the area, our string section needs to swell!  In particular we'd like to recruit 1st and 2nd violin, viola and double bass players.

We do not audition players - you are very welcome to come and give us a try.  We recommend that you are around Grade 7 standard to help cope with the repertoire.  A number of our members are 'late returners' to playing after a long gap, or 'late learners', and we blend together with those who've rarely put their bow down!  So don't feel you will be alone!

All our rehearsal dates are on this website - with fortnightly rehearsals we hope it won't be too onerous.  If you decide to join us then the subs are £120 a year, payable annually or at two points during the year.

Email [email protected] to find out more information and arrange a chat if you'd like to ask questions.